How to play DVD player on Windows 10

Despite many shifting to watching movies by streaming them over the internet, there remains a significant number of DVD users. Luckily, Windows 10 still carters for DVD users.  In that, it offers several ways through which one can watch videos from their DVDs on their Windows 10, thanks to Microsoft and other media player developers. The following are available options on how to play DVDs in Windows 10 computers.

The Microsoft Windows DVD Player

Updating an operating system for Microsoft means providing up-to-date services for their applications. The new Windows 10 lacks Windows Media Center from earlier versions. However, Microsoft offers a more advanced solution, the Windows DVD Player, which is one of the popular advanced DVD player solutions. You can purchase the Windows DVD Player from the official Microsoft website to enjoy watching movies and videos from your DVDs. The windows DVD player is not affordable but also offers excellent features that you will enjoy as you watch.

Third-party DVD Players by Your Computer Manufacturer

Computer manufacturers have noted the niche in the media solutions offered for DVD users. Following this, the manufacturers provide a free trial version of a DVD player that comes with the computer during purchase. If you develop a liking to the free trial version of the DVD player, you can upgrade by paying up a specified fee to access the full version of the DVD player.

Download Free DVD Player Software from Reliable Sources

While the above options come with some subscription fee to play your DVDs on your Windows 10, there exist free DVD player applications that are cost-effective. The following are some of the highly-rated free DVD players for Windows 10.

VLC by VideoLan

Probably the most popular free DVD player, VLC is a versatile multimedia player with high compatibility with video formats. Download and install the VLC software on the developer’s website. Launching the software, you will notice loads of controls for your video, making one of the best free DVD player software.

Media Player Classic

The Media Player Classic remains reputable among free DVD player software for playing videos and DVDs with their original resolution. The player supports multi audio channels that a DVD might possess. Right-clicking on the player screen, one can access some controls like subtitles, zoom, altering the screen size, and select multi-audio among others.

Pot Player

Pot Player has earned its reputation as a top free DVD player software for the use of fewer system resources. The media player’s performance is highly rated following the use of hardware acceleration technologies. Notably, Pot Player supports external codecs which allow the media player to play any video format.
Other top rated free DVD player software includes PowerDVD, DVDFab Player 5, 5K Player, GOM Player, and Kodi among others.

Final Thought

While the use of DVD may seem to be obsolete, many of us still go the old-school way while watching movies and other video files. Using either of the above ways, Windows 10 users can enjoy playing their DVDs after the end of the road for the free Windows Media Center. However, the choice of the optimal DVD player software depends on the user’s preference.